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Sprint Product Ambassadors: Endomondo now works with Gear Fit & Gear 2

Sprint Product Ambassador


This isn't so much a feature blog on the Samsung Galaxy S5 Sport as much as it is for the Samsung Gear Fit and Gear 2  smart wearable. I just couldn't help myself from spreading the word about my favorite fitness app Endomondo and how I use it with my Galaxy S5 Sport and Gear Fit fitness wearable.

The Samsung Galaxy S5 Sport launched with a focus on fitness and health improvement. The S5 Sport comes pre-loaded with Sprint Fit Live, a collaborative app suite that partners Map My Fitness with Samsung's S Health. These apps are well and good, heck you may even lose 30 lbs through their use. They're just not what I've been using on previous devices nor are they my favorite. I love Endomondo as a fitness app.

In case you didn't know, for a limited time you can get $50 off the Gear Fit when you purchase with a new S5 Sport!

Good news for me! Endomondo announced their app now supports connectivity and syncing with the Samsung Galaxy Gear 2 and Gear Fi... fitness wearable devices. And since I love my Gear Fit and love having it paired to my Galaxy S5 Sport, it seemed like a match made in heaven.

From the Endomondo blog:

Endomondo paired with the Gear Fit or Gear 2 lets users start, pause or stop a workout without reaching for smartphones. Data such as distance, time exercising, calories burned and more can be displayed, and the built-in HR monitor is supported on Gear 2. Users can also set the smartwatch’s display to be light or dark for easy viewing.

I wish Endomondo would pick up and sync the heart rate monitor built into my Gear Fit, but I realize it's likely a limitation of the Fit's proprietary OS (not Tizen or Android), and API calls may be limited. I can always hope for an update in the future. For now, I will enjoy having customizable app screens on my Gear Fit so I can choose what to see in quick glances; pace, distance, speed, steps, etc.

I hope this helps you get the most from your Galaxy S5 Sport and Galaxy Gear smart wearable devices.

Until next time,

Your Galaxy S5 Sport Launch Team Ambassadors

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