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Wifi calling error


Wifi calling error

I have done searches and spoke to many customer service people and have yet to get a working solution. This is what I know so far from my searches and tests. I was having issues with my airrave and the s5 since when I came home I was told to reboot my phone every time to use it and reboot again when leaving the house changing the network. Too much of a pain so I switched to wifi calling. Worked great at first now it seems after about 30 minutes of inactivity it crashes and displays an error stating it is no longer working. I tap the error and it will reconnect.

So looking at it from a programmers standpoint it is a programming error that I do not have control of. Every phone has a sleep mode where during inactivity certain non essential files will be shut down to preserve battery life. In my opinion one of the required wifi calling files is being turned off after about 30 minutes which in turn crashes wifi calling. When you tap the error it will re open the file and all is good again. So without rooting my phone how to I find someone who has the control to patch an issue like that or does anyone else have any ideas? I just tried the smart search on and off while updating the prl and the cache delete. I will know tomorrow if either of those help. Any advice would be much appreciated.

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