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4/23 - Samsung Galaxy S5 Software Update - ND2


4/23 - Samsung Galaxy S5 Software Update - ND2

Samsung Galaxy S5 Software Update - ND2


  • Google search results are no longer included in the list when using S Finder
  • Fixed device responsiveness when using S View Cover
  • Enable camera capture during voice call
  • Fixed alarm failure when deleting alarm
  • Fixed email duplication, when moving an email from original folder to another folder the email should only be viewable in the moved to folder

Important Notes

- Software version is G900PVPU1AND2

- This update will be rolled out in batches.

- Refer to the Samsung Galaxy S5 Software Update article in Support for install instruction


Re: 4/23 - Samsung Galaxy S5 Software Update - ND2

Do you know an estimated date for the Chicago suburbs area?


Re: 4/23 - Samsung Galaxy S5 Software Update - ND2

go under Settings - more - about device - look under baseband Version. If it will end with ND2, you have the latest one, if not, go to Settings -more - system update - Update Samsung Software.

You should've gotten the update by now

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Re: 4/23 - Samsung Galaxy S5 Software Update - ND2

for tower upgrades or for this update to get to you? it goes by the phones serial number..not by gets pushed out in can manually check randomly to see if the phone will pull it before it gets pushed to you instead.

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