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Adroid 5.0 has ruined my Galaxy S5


Adroid 5.0 has ruined my Galaxy S5

Since I've downloaded the system upgrade my phone is barely usable. It is slower in all operations. I keep getting a message that 'contacts has stopped working'. The default text message app is slow and sometimes terminates for no reason. Has anyone else seen this kind of performance.

Thanks in advance.

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Re: Adroid 5.0 has ruined my Galaxy S5

The upgrade caused a significant speed issue with my S5 as well. I did find that performing the cache clearing and factory reset seems to have helped with those very specific issues. However, I am still receiving a message saying that 'Contacts has stopped working' from time to time, as well. The factory reset might get you some performance gains, though it will come with some work to back up photos, phone logs, and then get your software and settings back to how you like it.


Re: Adroid 5.0 has ruined my Galaxy S5

I have my call logs reset everyday my messages delay apps crash like contacts and chrome and internet etc i hope there is a fix coming for all do verizon released a better version wheres ours about to seitch to a note 4 before my phone becomes a permanent paperweight

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