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Annoying little bugs that came with the Lollipop Update


Annoying little bugs that came with the Lollipop Update

Hiya. So i've got a galaxy s5 and ever since the lollipop update, a few things changed.

-My vibration patterns. (I would like my original ones back, please)

-My Heart Rate LED comes on at will. The LED light used with the heart rate sensor keeps coming on at will, when the screen is on. This causes the battery to drain a lil more than it normally does.)

-My gear doesn't get notifications all the time. (except for when I have it set to receive notifs when the screen is on, too. It's a little bit annoying)

I really hope that there will be an update soon. I bought this phone because it was picture perfect at the time, now...

My phone is running The Lollipop update with the following specs:

-SW Version: G900PVPU1BOA6

-OS Version: lollipop 5.0

-Baseband version: G900PVPU1BOA6

-Build Number: LRX2T.G900PVPU1BOA6

HW version G900P.04

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