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Extremely disappointed S5 upgrade


Extremely disappointed S5 upgrade

I am now aware of numerous complaints AFTER I upgraded from a Galaxy S3 to the S5 about SPARK devices. Cannot talk and use data unless using WIFI.

I am furious. I have been with SPRINT for many years. I am now considering dropping all 4 of my plan's smart phones and moving to another carrier. I still have a few days in the trial return period for my new phone. I conduct business from my phone. I send reports and files to clients while speaking to them all the time. I guess now i have to hang up, send, call back and discuss. Any corrections that need to be done I guess I will have to repeat that procedure.

I am disgusted. Waited to upgrade for the longest time. Now after the S5 all set up the way I want it, I either have to go back to the S3 or find another device. Not going to happen. 3 of the phones on my plan are Samsung and I use a Samsung tablet as well. Switching from Samsung Galaxy not an option.

I will cancel this SPRINT plan and pay any penalties involved if I have to. Other carriers allow data and voice at the same time. Going to get the best plan/carrier to replace. I am sure they will want my business and give me a great deal to switch.


Re: Extremely disappointed S5 upgrade

this has been a big topic for quite some time now..ever since the first tri band capable device came this isnt exactly something for all carriers having it Verizon was one of the last (aside from Sprint) to not have this ability..theyre currently deploying if you jump to them you might want to double check to see if its available in your market yet or not..they only started this roughly 8 months ago...if you decide NOT to jump to another carrier you will want to look for a S4..that was the last one to be released that wasnt spark capable..scratch'll need to do some homework to make sure you dont get the tri band version of the S3 or S4 since they later came out with them..double check the model numbers..if it contains a T in there its tri band...this is the easiest way to tell.

I like many others come onto this site for assistance and to help others. Marking a reply as helpful or correct helps others with like issues when they try to search the site for assistance. I do not work for Sprint and my suggestions and or opinions are my own. *************************************************************************************************************
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