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Galaxy S5 32GB? Don't hold your breathe.


Galaxy S5 32GB? Don't hold your breathe.

So the discussion for a 32gb version just as there was pleading and begging for a 32gb S4, there was even a petition. Sprint has also given the same standard answer for us to keep checking back.To this day there is no S4 32gb on Sprint and no answer was ever officially given, I'm sure if you asked about the S4 today they would give the same answer they are for the S5. All the other carriers gave their customers an answer and followed through and only Sprint never offered a 32gb S4. I believe they will do the same to us again with the S5 while we watch our friends get theirs on other carriers. I don't understand it either, it's what we (their customers) asked for, 16gb minus the OS and preloaded apps went down to 12gb of usable space on the S4. Apps did not work on the SD card. It feels like a cheap game to get you to come back for the S6 when you've filled up your S5 after a month of use. Keep us coming back and desperate. Even if they do it won't be until Apple comes out with their 6 then put out the S4 32gb to create interest and again keep us coming back and desperate because "finally" the 32gb version. My advice is to go with who comes out with what you want first. Don't wait, the S4 has shown us Sprint isn't interested in being competitive.


I agree. They probably aren't saying "yes" or "no" as to whether they will offer a 32gb model for fear of loosing customers. Their unlimited talk and text is their ace in the hole. I like the Samsung phones mainly because you can swap in a spare battery when it goes dead, which I've had to do many times. That's what makes the M8 unattractive for me. Don't know if I can hold out for the Note 4. Didn't really want to go that big if I can help it. The size of the S5 is perfect for me. Hopefully, Samsung will come out with a new series phone with more premium features. If they do, hopefully Sprint will offer it. Otherwise, I may have to bite the bullet and switch to another carrier that will offer the 32gb S5. As far as their standard answer to "keep watching the news feed", I don't know if that's code for "we will be announcing a 32gb S5 model soon", or what? I wish they would just say so or not. I wonder what other carriers are telling their customers who inquire if they are going to offer a 32gb S5 model phone? Does anyone have any idea what other carriers are saying?


Hello Kev-Man, we have not heard confirmation or denial that the GS5 will be available in 32G through Sprint, at this time it is not. That's why we advise customers to keep checking the newsrooms for updates. I did a little research and it seems that none of the other carriers have plans to offer the GS5 at 32G at this time neither. If you have any other questions please let me know. Roxana Sprint Social Care

My humble recommendation to everybody who wants to buy the 32Gb version of the S5; WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!

Usually few weeks after all carriers start selling the garbage 16Gb phones, it comes the 32Gb phones; I think this is a method used by Samsung for some illogical reason to me.  Just WAIT, leave all that 16Gb garbage in Sprint shelves and storage and WAIT for the 32Gb to be announced. If Sprint never announce it, which is a real possibility (based on what happened with the S4), then go to another carrier which maybe better listening to what customers wants.  You guys have the power of the decision to wait or not, to stay or go.  USE IT FOR GOD SAKE!!!!!!!!!!

Below is an answer from Sprint board administrator about the Samsung Galaxy S4 32Gb; please notice that this answer was given in August 2013, remember the S4 was released on May 2013.  I think everybody knows how Sprint listens to their customers

Again, WAIT!!!!!!!! If no Sprint Galaxy S5 32Gb when other US carriers star offering it, then GO AWAY from Sprint.

BTW Sprint already lost 364,000 pre-paid and 231,000 valuable postpaid customers in the 1Q of 2014.


Hi, thank you for your question. At this time we cannot speculate if we will carry that device on the Sprint network at this time. You can always check and

for press release and product information.

Thank you,

George M.

Sprint Social Care Team

32gb & 64gb S4 coming! (so I've been told)


It looks like some pretty good 32gb internal storage phones are just about on the horizon! LG has announced it will launch it's new G3 phone on May 27th. And as you know, Samsung is rumored to launch a 32gb S5 soon. I'm guessing in the early part of June to keep pace with the LG G3. Also read that HTC is coming out with a plastic version of the M8 called Ace. So it appears that there will be some decent choices for more premium phones within the next few months. Can hardly wait!

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