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Galaxy S5 3G/4G Problem


Re: Galaxy S5 3G/4G Problem

*Note this reply is dated 07.27.2015, roughly one year AFTER the last reply.

I rec'd a new S5 (upgraded from an S2) last week (Tues.).  Love the phone and its capabilities, EXCEPT for not securing a 4G/LTE connection, only 3G.  I spoke to a cust. service rep last week (Th or Fri) and she tried two over-the-air fixes, to no avail.  FYI, I'm in the bay area where there is supposedly a strong 4G/LTE connection. She stated a tower was being upgraded and to wait, BUT if the phone was still not connecting to 4G/LTE, then to go to a specific Sprint location with a Repair Center on-site.  I tried a few fixes later last week (i.e. toggling airplane mode and back to force a new connections, confirmed 4G/LTE was enabled, confirmed the correct mobile network was selected, etc.) all to no avail.  One thing I didn't try was a new/different SIM card; this is the first device I have with a SIM card, so this is entirely new to me (I thought only GSM networks had SIM cards, but the Sprint rep (in-store) told me they all have SIM cards now for data).

Scheduled an appt for a Sprint location with a Repair Center, per the cust. service rep.  Arrived and the cust. service rep , in-store, was in short - PHENOMENAL!  He tried a few things, each time, still not connecting via 4G.  Two more things to try - different SIM card and hard reset.  New SIM card = stupid, fast 4G/LTE connection!!!!  No need for a hard reset = my "stuff" was still on the phone! 

TL/DR - new S5 with no 4G/LTE connection.  Tried many fixes, none worked.  New SIM card = fast 4G/LTE connection!  Awesome!  Thanks Sprint location on McKee Rd. in San Jose, CA, and specifically, Honda Nguyen (the in-store customer service rep!)  Great service! 

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