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Galaxy S5: Android 5.02/.11 update?


Galaxy S5: Android 5.02/.11 update?

I've had to suffer the Lollipop 5.0 update (against my will) for a few months now. My major complaints are:

1) The change in the menu themes (against my will), i.e., my Contacts list being an inch apart

2) The phone is sluggish and slow

3) I don't get LED notifications when the phone is on mute/vibrate. Why would I not want the LED to work when I can't hear my notifications? That's what the LED is for! (For that inconvenience, I had to download an LED Blinker app to do the job that my phone's LED now can't do.)

I've heard that the upcoming Lollipop update 5.xx is supposed to fix these things, among other things it screwed up on my phone. Does anyone know about the status of the new Android update 5.02/5.11 on the Galaxy S5? Or are they going to skip us?

I'm curious to see these developments. Otherwise, I'm going to dump this and switch to an IPhone. Any insight would be appreciated...thanks.

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