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Galaxy S5 WiFi Calling network connection error

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Re: Galaxy S5 WiFi Calling network connection error

wwwin1, As for the network concerns that you have, I can check the performance of the towers in the area and alert the network team. The $30 for premium data, we unfortunately have no control over, it's within the plan. -

The point is that they force you to pay for premium data and by all accounts it is mostly not usable unless I go use the internet outdoors. You can check the towers for zip code 33133. I have reported through Sprintzone already. However the problem is I get 3 bars outdoors and lucky to get one indoors. I started getting problems when I moved to house. I have researched online and people that know about this say that the frequency that sprint uses is not good at penetrating buildings. Sprint advertises download speeds of 50 mbps on Spark and the best that I have gotten by the window is 1 mpbs when I try speedtest on LTE which disconnetcs if I move further into house and I have to use CDMA. Its time for you guys to spend more money on improving the service and less money on misleading speed claims press releases. Never finished wimax, have not finished LTE and now go into this tri-band Spark. This story is getting old. Does sprint not realize why during the last 12 months it has lost more than 300,000 net subscribers.

These speed claims are pipe dreams. I am not asking for much I would be happy to get 5 mpbs and reliable cellular signal, but no the company now claims 2 gbps is possible under Sparks in theory. How about providing reliable service and leaving these pipe dream theories for MIT professors to explore.


Re: Galaxy S5 WiFi Calling network connection error

And by way does anybody really need 2gbps download speed??? What bandwidth would you need even if that were possible.


Re: Galaxy S5 WiFi Calling network connection error

EricCOS -

Thank you for reaching out to us with this information. If you ever have any questions or concerns feel free to contact us.

- Alvaro
Sprint Social Care

Re: Galaxy S5 WiFi Calling network connection error

My edge is now able to make WiFi calls.

Thank you

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