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Galaxy S5: WiFi calling only??

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Galaxy S5: WiFi calling only??

I'm planning an international trip to a place where WiFi calling back home will be free, but cellular network calling will be $0.20/minute. So I'd like to be able to configure my phone to place WiFi calls only. I spent about an hour on Sprint Chat and talking to customer service, to no avail. My first thought was to put the phone in airplane mode, turn on WiFi, and then turn on WiFi calling, but it complains that you must turn airplane mode off for WiFi calling. My other thought would be to pull the SIM card, but then I'd lose data and text, both of which are free where I'm going. 


Right now, it looks like I'll have to avoid placing or accepting calls via Sprint, and use Skype for my voice calling. But I can't believe it has to be this way - what's the point of WiFi calling overseas if you can't be sure that it's actually happening. There's gotta be a way to set this up. 


Re: Galaxy S5: WiFi calling only??

Hi larry5b6, although there is not an option to enable Wi-Fi calls only on the device, these are the requirements to have the Wi-Fi calling active.


Location Services (GPS) must be turned on and your phone must be connected to a Wi-Fi network.


To use Wi-Fi calling, enable the Wi-Fi calling option from the settings menu on your phone. If prompted, enter your current location information, then follow any additional prompts to enable Wi-Fi Calling.


By doing this, when in range of an enabled Wi-Fi network, your phone will transition to Wi-Fi Calling mode within 15 - 60 seconds. On Android devices, the Wi-Fi Calling icon will appear in the Status bar when Wi-Fi Calling is ready, when you see that icon, you can make calls on Wi-Fi.


For instructions on how to activate Wi-Fi calling you can click here. and for tips and tricks related to your Samsung Galaxy S 5 here

If you have any other questions or concerns regarding our International services, you may reach the Sprint worldwide team, at 1-888-226-7212 or chat with a representative.




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