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Is the S5 fragile?


Is the S5 fragile?

I've seen some reviews on the Samsung Galaxy 5 which state the screen breaks easily. Have you seen this or has your device been durable so far.




Re: Is the S5 fragile?

If you referring to the reviews that throw the phone in the ground on purpose then yes it is fragile.

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Re: Is the S5 fragile?

I find the Samsung Galaxy S5 to be reasonably sturdy and able to withstand normal usage. I would not call it fragile by any means. The GS5 has Corning Gorilla Glass3 on the surface so it's pretty durable. It has great scratch and crack resistance. But no smartphone is indestructible.

I highly recommend a case for all smartphones and tablets, especially to protect the corners from accidental drops or impact.

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