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LED blue brightness problem?


LED blue brightness problem?

With my Galaxy S4, the brightness of the LED (red/blue/green) was always high enough to be seen from a distance; very sufficient. But I noticed with my S5, the green and red are bright, but the blue is feint.

I was wondering if this was a specific defect. But then I noticed my Facebook notifications LED (blue) is brighter than my messaging notification (feint blue).

So in other words, it seems as though the Messaging notification LED is more subtle than it was in the S4. Is this a defect?

Can anyone comment/contribute to this observation? Thanks in advance!

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Re: LED blue brightness problem?

Grundberg74 - We're glad you reached out to us with your concerns. As of right now, the brightness of the blue LED light isn't a known issue for the S5. However, I would suggest speaking with the manufacturer, to see if it is in fact a defect. - Johnice
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