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Memo app is draining my battery and I can't force stop it or uninstall it...


Memo app is draining my battery and I can't force stop it or uninstall it...


Was wondering if anyone had some tips or suggestions to help me. I have a brand new S5 and used the Memo app for the first time last Friday to jot down some notes. Since then I have noticed that my battery has been draining way faster than when I first got the phone and noticed on the battery manager that the Memo app seems to be running and it's using anywhere from 20% to 26% of battery usage!

That makes no sense, especially for an app that should be very light on battery usage given that its main purpose is to create notes and save information on the fly...

I have tried the following to no avail:

  • Force Stop - didn't work and the app still seems to be running
  • Disable App - it turns it off but the battery manager still showcases that the app is running and consuming battery power despite it disappearing from the app list

The only thing remaining that I can think of is to do a factory reset, but I find that to be a pretty ridiculous action for a new phone. I also have the Music app running in the background and using battery life despite it not being on. Is there anyway to simply "turn off" the apps after you use them?

I like Android phones and I am not a fan of Apple in any way, but this is the first time that I can appreciate having their locked os architecture and not having to go through issues like this. Huge fan of Samsung but I am not impressed at all with the phone right now, what a shame.

Hope someone has an idea.



Re: Memo app is draining my battery and I can't force stop it or uninstall it...


That's not good. Have you tried uninstalling it? Have you tried to clear the app? You can do this by Simply tapping the overlapping rectangle-like button to the left of the dedicated hardware home button. This is the multi-tasking menu key that brings up all currently used and running apps. A simple swipe of your finger on each box will swipe them away, and instantly close the app. If that doesn't work then I would suggest the reset but make sure you back up everything or take it to a Sprint service and repair store. You can find them at . I would also suggest making an appointment. I hope that helps. Have a Great Day!

Thank you,


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