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Migrating data/apps to new phone


Migrating data/apps to new phone

Hey all!

I have an HTC Evo 4g (yep, a dinosaur) running Android 2.3.5.   I've got about 16GB of music  that I've sideloaded onto my 32GB microSD card.  My phone also has about 2-3 thousand pictures that have synced to it off my computer. 

When I upgrade to KitKat on a new phone (hopefully a Samsung Galaxy S5 with 32GB internal memory), I intend to go into my old phone's settings, dismount the microSD card, power off the phone, and pull the microSD card out.  Then I'll insert that chip into my new phone. 

Is that the right way to migrate my data?   BTW, I don't use the cloud because I frequently don't have access to it.

And what do I do to (automagically) migrate all the apps that I have on my old phone to my new phone?  I looked at my Google Play account and I have tens, maybe over a hundred, apps that I've downloaded at one time or another to my current phone.  Some were purchased, some were free.  I uninstalled some of them because I didn't want or need them, some because I wanted to install new apps but I didn't have space for them.  And some of them are installed on my phone. 

What's the best way to populate my new phone with my apps?

Thanks for your ideas!

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Re: Migrating data/apps to new phone

Check out My Backup Pro in the Google Play Store. It cost $4.99. I haven't used it yet, but plan too when I upgrade my phone.


Re: Migrating data/apps to new phone


You're doing great so far. Once you have all of your pictures, music, videos and documents save to your MicroSD card, it shouldn't be a problem with restoring the information to your new phone. Remember, once you're signed into your google account on your current phone your contacts are synced to your google account. To re-install your apps you can sign into google play from there it gives an option to install the apps onto your phone from your computer. From there you can pick and choose the ones you want to install.


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