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People hear their echo when using earphones


People hear their echo when using earphones

When I use a wired earphones/headsets the person on the other end of the call hears their echo.

I used different earphones including the ones that came with the phone. All seem to have the same issue.

Bluetooth and regular speakers seem to function correctly.

The problem occurs everywhere. Theres no place within 35 miles from Detroit that doesn't have this problem (haven't used the phone outside of that range)

Not sure if the problem is with the device or the network.

The problem was there when I purchased the device it didn't just occur randomly.

Please share any possible fixes or possible solutions for this problem.


Re: People hear their echo when using earphones

Have you had the phone evaluated at a Sprint store, SoosD90?  As it happens everywhere but only with the headsets, it's more likely to be the device than the network.  I'd get a hands-on evaluation to be sure everything's ok.  Incidentally, I have an S5, use a wired headset and don't have the issue, so I'm again wondering if it's something with your particular device.  You might also contact Samsung.  I have worked with them on my own personal electronics in the past and they're very helpful. - Christy

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