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Phone is receiving error code 97


Phone is receiving error code 97

HELP! My phone has occasionally received error code 97 when sending text messages. When that happened, I would do a soft reset on the phone. Now nothing is working. I have done a soft reset and updated my phone. I do not know/use what Airave is, so that is not the issue. Please help me solve this problem.


KenzieRaeL, thank you for bringing this to our attention. Did this begin once you swapped to your new device? If so, this may mean that we need to resync your phone to the Airave. If you have your old device, make sure it is in Airplane mode and turned off. Once completed, please power cycle your S5. It may take some time (hour at most) but the Airave should pick up and resync to the new device. Please let me know if these steps are helpful.
- Sarah
Sprint Social Care

So to get it straight, you do not have an airave in your house.

If that is the case, I want you to try 2 things:

1) as soon as you get that message, dial *99 and listen to what it says. If it says you are now connected (or within range of) Airave, that means your neighbor has an Airave and your phone connects to it.

2) if you hear "Your code or number is incorrect", go to Settings - about device - Status and look under MIN#. Make sure that number is not the same as your phone number. If it is, call Sprint and have them help you change it.

Please let me know what you find out.

I come here trying to help people and I'm NOT employed by Sprint, so If my reply helped you or if you get an answer to your question from other users, PLEASE mark it as solved.
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