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Phone was stolen while on Easy Pay?


Phone was stolen while on Easy Pay?

(Wasn't sure where to post this; they don't really make it easy to post a Question without trying to navigate all these weird options.)


So On Saturday my Galaxy S5 was stolen, and I was in the middle of doing the Easy Pay.

When I reported my phone as stolen, I was told that I would have to pay the remaining balance of $320, wait 5 days, and then I would be eligible for a new phone.

Does this mean I will be eligible for and Easy Pay phone again?

After doing some research it seems as if a lot of people were having a hard time paying off their phone early, and being eligible for a new one within 5 days.

If I am going to have to wait out the year or whatever that I was originally making the payments for, then I won't bother throwing away that $300 all at once.

This whole situation has been a nightmare and a half.


Re: Phone was stolen while on Easy Pay?

how many months do you have left and how much were you paying per month? also usually you must have TEP insurance on the phone if youre leasing it..was there insurance on it?

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Re: Phone was stolen while on Easy Pay?

I only had the phone since October. And my payments were like $19. so, a while. and I swore I did have insurance, but I guess not. And no one deemed it necessary to ensure that I had it as I was buying the phone. If it's necessary, you'd think they would make that an absolute requirement before completing the purchase.

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Re: Phone was stolen while on Easy Pay?

Cortt, I'm so sorry to read about this, I can just imagine how frustrated you are.  Although Total Equipment Protection (TEP) or TEP+ are certainly handy to have for these situations, they're not required.  If you have a personal electronics rider on your homeowners or renter's insurance, the device may be covered through that policy and it's probably worth the trouble to check.

If you don't have that coverage, you can certainly pay off the remaining balance of the device and it should, as you said, clear up the account and make you re-eligible to upgrade shortly thereafter (5 days sounds about right).  You could then upgrade by any means your plan enables (some types of plans only permit Easy Pay or lease without an extra fee).  If you decide to pay off your balance and then find that your eligibility is not reset, please let us know.  We'd be more than happy to help out.

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Re: Phone was stolen while on Easy Pay?

Okay, Thank you so much for your response. At least this was a learning experience. TEP will DEFINITELY be on my next phone! I'll be hopefully paying it off next friday, so I will let someone know if it doesn't go as planned. Thanks again!

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