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Phone won't turn on


Phone won't turn on

I left my phone alone on a table at home for two hours & when I returned to my phone for the purpose of making a phone call the phone would not turn on.  I charged it,(it is on charger now), & the little status light has continuously given off it's blue glow.  I have pressed the power button a few times, holding it down as I count to ten, yet nothing happens.    I know no one else has messed with the phone, while alone, as no one was about.  Has anyone else had this problem with the Samsung Galaxy S5?

I've had this phone for a month with no problems


Re: Phone won't turn on

i cant the S5 battery removable or non removable? if its removable go ahead and pull it for about 3-5 minutes then go ahead and put it back in then try to start it back up. also since the phone is powered off are you seeing a charging battery picture on the screen or anything like that?

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