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Push Notifications don't work on data only wifi


Push Notifications don't work on data only wifi

The push notifications are not coming through on any app unless the phone is on wifi or if I leave the app running on the screen while im away(being on data while at work or in the car and the screen is sleeping). Ive check all the settings, had sprint's advance team look at it by phone, factory reset, took it to a sprint store, and than had it replaced with another S5. After the first day with the new phone it worked fine until i went to sleep and it updated to 4.4.4 and I noticed S Health widget replaced folders I made before it happened. The following day the same problem, no push notifications on data. I went to samsung video chat and they said it was a bug and to wait for the 5.0 update. I did that and still no luck, though lollipop looks nice I still would like to know when I receive an e-mail, facebook messenger or whatsapp message, or any facebook notification, and any other app that would normally well notify you. I've checked restricted background data, and other settings with no luck.

After a week of lollipop, I went back to the sprint store and told them the problem persisted. The manager there told me to wait for another update and he could no longer help me or replace the phone again. I know its not the service having friends with the same phone and with sprint and not having this problem. Any ideas or help would be much appreciated.

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