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** S5 Lollipop problems ** Battery/contacts crashing


** S5 Lollipop problems ** Battery/contacts crashing

i know this has all been said before... i just want to put another one out there hoping to get some kind of fix for this... the battery life is killing me.

the new update to lollipop has killed my battery life, i have to charge the phone 3 times a day - where as before on KitKat i could go all day until i got home...

my Contacts randomly crashes.... pretty frequently, although... it hasnt caused any issues...

and- this is since before the update.... why cant i browse the internet while on a call???


Re: ** S5 Lollipop problems ** Battery/contacts crashing

There is a new update that was just released on 5/5. So far it has fixed a lot of the problems.

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