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S5 Volume Button no Longer Works


S5 Volume Button no Longer Works

Just got the S5 on August 1st 2014.  Worked fine up until a few days ago where the volume up and down buttons no longer do anything. Had to install an app to manage sound volume.  Android version 4.4.2.  Kernel 3.4.0-1750661.  Is there a fix or do I have to RMA?  thanks!


hollenbeckS5 - Thank you for your post. I do apologize you are experiencing issues with your Samsung Galaxy S5. When it comes to hardware on the device the best option to do would be to visit the store to see exactly what is going on with the button. They may do a reset on the phone to make sure there is not a glitch in the software, so make sure you back up your information before taking the device in. Please visit to find your closest Sprint corporate repair center. Let me know if I can be of any further assistance. Happy Connecting! - Katie
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