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S5 and voice coverage?


S5 and voice coverage?

I recently returned from a trip across the country, ending in the Pacific northwest and had virtually no voice coverage across most of the western states. I traveled with my daughter and son-in-law following in their vehicle and they were able to make calls using their iPhones in most places while I just kept getting messages saying "out of service area" every time I tried to make a call.  While the iPhones could make calls in most places calling their phones usually resulted in the call going straight to voice mail.This made keeping in contact with my family almost impossible.  My mom's phone [on Verizon] of course worked most everywhere.

My phone was essentially useless as a phone for most of the trip, it just made for a very expensive alarm clock! I kind of expected poor coverage through the mountains, but I sure didn't expect to have ZERO voice coverage in reasonably populated areas. This is a trip I will be making again as I have family in the Seattle area and I have no intention of still having Sprint as my carrier next time I go.

I know the coverage is spotty at best but isn't there a roaming setting that would allow calls to bounce off other carriers towers? I tried changing my network to all available options and nothing helped.

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