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S5 randomly not receiving texts


S5 randomly not receiving texts

Randomly, I am not receiving texts from any of my contacts.  I have uploaded the most recent update, turned off the phone for a few minutes and turned on, cleared cache.


Is there a solution to this that does NOT involve doing a factory hard reset?


Re: S5 randomly not receiving texts

beve23, hello, sorry to hear you are having issues.  Allow us to look into this matter.


When did you first start experiencing this problem? Do you know if the people texting you are getting any error messages or codes when they send you a message? Are you using a third party messaging application?

Please send a test text message to your own 10-digit number, let us know if you receive that one and

provide us with the nearest cross streets and ZIP code of your current location so that we can take a look at the network on the area.


Looking forward to your reply.



Sprint Social Care.

Sprint Social Care Team.

Re: S5 randomly not receiving texts

I am having this problem too. For at least two or three weeks. People will tell me they have texted me but I don't get them. Sometimes I will only get part of the message - for example, it's a long text so it gets split into two and I only get one but I know there were two because the one I get will be mid-sentence or have half a word to start.


I have rebooted. I have taken my battery out and rebooted. I have installed updates. I'm not in airplane mode. I get some texts but not all. I have been to the local Sprint store and he checked that all my updates are installed. But I am still missing texts. I did text myself and that one came through.


My zip is 17268 and a cross road for me would be Terry Lane or Old Route 16.

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