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Samsung Galaxy S5: Delayed texts, calls


Samsung Galaxy S5: Delayed texts, calls

Ever since 'upgrading' from the iPhone 4s to the Samsung Galaxy S5, I have been regretting switching phones. The biggest issue is one that has been plaguing me for a LONG time with sprint; texts and calls will either be severely delayed or never come in at all. Just now, a friend of mine is sending me texts from their phone but nothing is coming through at all. I see other people are having the same problem. I've tried powering my phone on and off, but it's at the point where that doesn't work any more either.

I've stopped at several Sprint stores in my area and every time they tell me 'towers being updated' or some similar bs, yet the last time I contacted Sprint on here they confirmed the nearest towers were not undergoing any updates. I've had it with this problem. It's affecting my work WAY too much... I either need an ABSOLUTE SOLUTION immediately or I will be more than happy to seek out another cell service provider who actually provides the services they say they do.


the LTE wouldnt be an issue since the phone is still connected to CDMA./3G technically for the voice side of things. its possible the optimizer might be the issue..but it can also be caused by a wonky network signal or even an app interfering. by chance are you sync'd up with Google voice or hangouts?

I like many others come onto this site for assistance and to help others. Marking a reply as helpful or correct helps others with like issues when they try to search the site for assistance. I do not work for Sprint and my suggestions and or opinions are my own. *************************************************************************************************************
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