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Samsung Galaxy S5 - where is the "complaint" box


Samsung Galaxy S5 - where is the "complaint" box

When I spend a lot of money on a "smart" phone, I expect it to work without me having to spend hours in forums trouble shooting about tower upgrades, locating non-existent street address pockets, finding input codes to deactivate bands 26 41 or whatever, or searching for what combination of buttons I need to push to give me the pretense that my phone is working how it is supposed to work; when it obviously isn't working how it is supposed to work. Who has time for all that nonsense? 

In a sense, I want my smart phone to be smart.  More bluntly put-- I want it to be geek-smart, so I don't have to be.  I don't have time to figure out why it's not smart, how I can make it at least half-witted, or engage in unsatisfying conversations with reps telling me how they know I'm frustrated and they have been working on the problem (it looks like close to a year from some of the forum discussions) and that they will publish the solution as soon as they figure it out.  I don’t want to hear explanations of why the phone won't do what the sales rep told me it would do, or ponder why I spent all that money to have my wife and kids laugh at me and my laboring, overheating, energy draining, no-LTE getting, connection optimizer-failing, no simultaneous call/data supporting, internationally not working like its supposed to, dumb phone.

I live in a major city, and the data coverage map shows "Best" and "Fair" coverage for Sprint Spark, for my work/home respectively ("best" for 4G LTE).  It also shows voice coverage as "Good"/"Best" for voice at work/home, respectively.   Literally, I sit next to my wife (SG4) and kids (iphone5 and 6) with no connection problems, while my super-duper-trooper of a "smart" phone has 0-1 bars, sputters in 3G when it does connect, and errors out on data connectivity when I am not around wifi.  They jovially taunt me by calling my phone "Sparky", and regularly toss me their phones when I actually need a working phone to reliably do something productive.  Incredibly annoying is the fact that I am paying for everyones phones/devices, and mine is the only one that doesn’t work.

When I travel, to other major cities mind you, well, that’s when it gets really confused about its purpose in life.  It gets so hot and bothered about what it is and isn’t supposed to do that I have to turn it off so it doesn’t start the place on fire. 

Now, I know what you are thinking.  "This guy is an idiot- "User Error".  Well, given that it took me 8 months of frustrating hiccups and useless tweaking before coming to these forums to find so many other people with similar problems, I would have to agree.  My error was in using this phone in the first place, and thinking it was smarter than me.  I would imagine there are a lot of users out there, erroring as we speak.

Samsung, Sprint and/or Spark should do the right thing – give me a different phone that I can actually rely on.  I have wasted enough time already trying to make it do what it was supposed to do, but rarely did.  Its insufficiencies have already put me in too many pickles for me to trust it at all.

Sarcastically yours,

A very cranky, long time Sprint/Samsung customer

PS--  I’m venting about the poor product/service you have sold me, for a lot of money and a lot of headaches.  Take it for what it is.  Don’t ask me for my nearest cross streets or zip code.  My wife and kids live near the same cross streets and within the same zip code, and they continue to laugh at me and “Sparky”.  I am not in the mood to get in a discussion about tower upgrades, bandwidth frequencies, or secret codes that will make the phone pretend to know what it is doing for a few days.  If you do anything with my post, put it in the hands of the boss of the guy whose job it was to NOT sell me a confused phone. It’s probably a good idea to also provide them both, the guy and his boss, with a definition of “smart” to initiate their subsequent conversation.



I didn't know how to put my thoughts to words, but that is exactly my situation. Although my wife has a really old htc.



Please accept our sincerest apologies about the frustration and wasted time this issue has caused you. We'd like to work with you to see what your options are, as far as possibly getting you another device. Please follow this link to send us a private message with your phone and the best time frame in which you can be reached http://bit.ly/1qQty1X . We're eager to help you come to a resolution. We look forward to speaking with you.

- Tammy
Sprint Social Care


I appreciate the sentiment, but frankly I don't see a reasonable resolution on the horizon.  The forums do not fill me with optimism about there being a good alternative or an end game that doesn't involve me wasting a lot of time, or me simply turning off or giving up all of the functions that were the primary reason I purchased this phone in the first place.

However, I'll go through the motions to see how it comes out. 



Makes you wonder how many of us are out there "dealing" with the issues. but just don't have the patience to find out why their phone keeps having problems.  I'll let you know how my experience with customer service goes. 


Hi - in the same position. I "upgraded" to this phone from my S3 - I already have an air rave in my house that seems to only work when it wants to. Yesterday, I was on a work call that dropped 3 times while talking to one of my customers (he was on a land line). Last night, I did some digging in the forums. I did all of the reset nonsense that was suggested. I was in my basement. I called *99, and confirmed I was covered by my air ave. I walked upstairs and stood right besdie the damn thing and told me I was out of range??- all lights were green. mind you. 

I read it's the antenna's on the phone that are the issue...the sales guy told me that my coverage would be BETTER with this phone than my S3 (I dropped in house calls then too, but not this bad). We're in an area that's been on the "upgrade" project for 3 years. Our coverage is spotty, at best. I feel it worthless to call customer service, since they couldn't help me with my last phone and the solution was to send me my own mini cell tower, and now that isn't working either. I should have jumped ship and NEVER gotten into another 2 year contract - UGH - I really don't know what I was thinking.

Anyway, Let me know if you get a resolution. I'm going to attempt an in-store visit, to see what they can do, but I don't have high hopes.


Hi Loje,  here is what we know. Sprint has terrible signal penetration through walls etc. First off Ditch that old [inappropriate word removed]  air wave, because Sprint recently upgraded the S5 to have built in wifi calling, so in short its basically an airwave in your phone. Now this only works if you have wifi at your house or location. But the cool thing is that it doesn't use your minutes. Its a cutting edge feature and one of the few cool things Sprint has. So watch a couple youtube videos and setup the wifi calling feature. Put in your address for 911, then disable notifications for WFC SETTINGS or it will bug the [inappropriate word removed] out of you. PS. You need to make sure your phone has the latest updates, whoever is out there reading this, I'm talking to all of you,..but seriously the wifi calling feature was just added in the June Update...

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