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Sprint Product Ambassador - Samsung Galaxy S5 Health Fetures

Sprint Product Ambassador

Sprint Product Ambassador - Samsung Galaxy S5 Health Fetures

S Health on Samsung Galaxy S5 – Love it!

Has anyone tried the S Health features on the Galaxy S5?  I have been using it for the last several days and love how accurate it is. I have been using it to check my heart rate consistently when I work out or when I go to meetings (those 10 am status meetings are stressful!)  It’s really simple to use by just holding your finger over the sensors in the back. The sensors are right next to the flash and use the light pulse to check your heart rate.

G 5 Heart Rate Sensor.jpg

There is a pop up (that you can check to not have pop up again) that shows you a picture of how to do this making it even simpler.  Once you press the start button it will ask you to remain still and quiet as these can affect the reading.  Once the result is displayed you can go in and look at daily or weekly trends even. 

G5 S Health.jpg

The program will also track your steps as a pedometer that is surprisingly accurate.  I have an older pedometer from the Sprint Get Fit program last summer so I tracked them both and they were spot on!  

There are many other features in the S Health app that will track your exercise, your eating and calories as well as a coach feature that will give you feedback about speeding up to bring up your heart rate and alert you of progress towards goals.  I actually got an alert last night that I had achieved my daily goal of achieving  10,000 steps.  It was great to receive the notification and being a bit of a nerd makes me want to push even harder to go above that today!

If you haven’t had a chance to try out the S Health app on the Samsung Galaxy S5 – you should definitely check it out, it is very cool!

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