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Sprint Samsung Galaxy S5 not receiving calls while on LTE


Sprint Samsung Galaxy S5 not receiving calls while on LTE

This all started 2 weeks ago. (<-- it started earlier than that but it became officially useless two weeks ago. What did they do in the past 2 weeks that completely killed my phones usefulness?)

I am located in Port Hueneme, CA 93041

I work in the cities of Oxnard and Ventura.

I've had my phone since November 2014.

At the beginning of June I started getting complaints from friends and family that I was ignoring their calls sending them to voicemail. I sometimes would get a notification and other times I wouldnt. I want to add that this all started when my local towers were upgraded to Spark LTE. Prior to this upgrade my 4G speeds werent very fast but I could make and receive calls with no issues. Once my phone connected to Spark LTE it started slowly having random issues.

Now if I try to make a call I sometimes have to wait 10 - 15 seconds for the call to connect. I also notice that once I have connected to make a call my phone will receive calls for maybe up to 15 minutes. After that its back to not being able to receive calls.

Sprint so far has been no help, I am seriously contemplating on going back to my SGS3. At least with that phone I could talk and surf (mainly take calls while using GPS).

Only REAL work around I've found is to force the phone to use CDMA only and forfeit the use of the 4G network. In CDMA  can make and receive calls with no issues.

I sense a real class action lawsuit in the works. This is unacceptable SPRINT.

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