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Wi-Fi Calling issue


Wi-Fi Calling issue

Another Wi-Fi calling issue (not surprising), I posted it in the Android S5 category since that's the phone I have although it's not an issue with the phone.

The details of my phone/service

Samsung Galaxy S5

WiFi calling enabled (and connected)

Phone number linked to Google Voice

All data on the phone is encrypted (both internal flash and the SD card)

If I place a call outbound to (almost) any phone number using wi-fi calling the call quality is excellent (other than the latency of of having the call being terminated in Arizona) with no perceivable jitter at all.

However if I call a friend of mine that is utilizing Magic Jack (VoIP), he always encounters jitter when hearing my voice, if I disable wi-fi calling and place the call over the cellular network to the same magic jack phone the call is crystal clear.  If I place a call to the same friend but call his cell phone while using wi-fi calling, again the call is crystal clear.

I can reliably call my friend from another Google Voice phone which is a number not associated with any cell phone and I have no issues (from the same home network), I can also reliably call my friend utilizing Google Hangouts from my cell phone (using my cell phone number) with no issues whatsoever.

There appears to be some sort of failure occurring between Sprint and Magic Jack in the handoff between the two carriers.

Please do not tell me to reset my phone, that is not the issue, plus my phone was reset recently for a different reason the problem occured before and after the reset.



I guess nobody (from Sprint) has a a solution....    

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