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Samsung Galaxy S6 - Its Hidden, But I found It - Sprint Product Ambassador

Sprint Product Ambassador

Samsung Galaxy S6 - Its Hidden, But I found It

Samsung has hidden away a gem that I used all the time now. It's the Gesture Wake UP option. This option will allow you to wake up the screen without even touching the display but simply hover your hand over the sensor area. This is perfect way to access the onscreen function but not unlock it.

This option comes extremely handy when I am in the car. My phone will be in the cradle. I will be listening to Spotify, Pandora or some online streaming music service. A song will come on but the display will be off. I can hover my hand over the sensor and the display will come on and I can take a quick glance and see who is playing. It is also nice in the office as well. A message will come in and the screen is off so I will do a quick swipe over the sensor to light up the display and review the notifications.

Very simple feature but hidden deep within the settings. To activate the service go to the settings selection, select accessibility, Next select dexterity and interaction and finally gesture wake up. Here you just have to turn on the service and viola you're good to go. Enjoy this feature as I have been.

Screenshot_2015-05-02-12-49-35.png Screenshot_2015-05-02-12-49-40.png Screenshot_2015-05-02-12-49-44.png Screenshot_2015-05-02-12-49-47.png

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