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Samsung S6 - Got Spigen - Sprint Product Ambassadors

Sprint Product Ambassador

Samsung S6 - Got Spigen


You get this beautifully crafted phone with its pristine glass covering and high quality screen, what more do you need? Let's talk Spigen. This is my first Samsung phone ever. It is such a beautiful phone and I know that with an all glass device the chances of scuffs and scratches are a high probability. Let's be real your phone will eventually drop out of your pocket or possible you may end up putting your keys in the wrong pocket. What do you do?

Spigen has the answer for you. Introducing the Spigen Neo Hybrid case for the Galaxy S6. This case has the minimalist approach, but brings with it a strong layered of protection through its double layer approach. The case features a polycarbonate bumper frame and TPU encasement.


The bumper frame is colored to match the phones style. It adds reinforcement to the already protected phone and includes metalized buttons for easy press ability. The TPU case is the first layer of protection against shock-absorbing blows of the phone being dropped. These two pieces work together to create a bond of protection around your device. In fact the TPU casing also includes a built in comfortable rubber grip on the back that helps with keeping a secure grip on your device. Not to mention that the case also has an additional raised lip to allow the phone to be placed face down and not worry the screen will be rubbing with whatever flat surface you place it on.

_id_gs6_nh_ms_01_1.jpg _id_gs6_nh_ms_02.jpg _id_gs6_nh_ms_04.jpg

Overall this minimalist casing is nice fit for an already slimmed down handset. It adds good durability with a high quality feel. I would recommend this phone case if you are leaning to protect the beauty you are going to be using every day.

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