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Sprint Product Ambassadors: No Chinks in this Spigen Slim Armor Case for the S6




I am a big belieber.

Let's try that again...

I am a big believer in protecting my phones.  There will be times when I get a new device and will

force myself to completely ignore its existence until I have a screen protector and case in hand.  There are

rare occasions when I will use a new device as long as I at least have a screen protector, but I wait patiently

the majority of the time, and the Galaxy S6 was one I especially wanted to do that for since most of the

device is made of glass.  Yes, it's Gorilla glass, but it is Glass nonetheless, so something as insignificant as

a grain of sand could scratch it.  I was able to get my hands on the Spigen Slim Armor case in white, and

I am pretty impressed!

The phone is extremely thin, so it was important for me to have a case that did not add a lot of bulk to the

phone.  The Spigen Slim armor case does just that, and has a kickstand to boot!  The case is flush on the

sides (with obvious cut outs for the IR blaster, speaker, etc), and button pressing is easy and "clicky".  I

like cases that maintain "ease of button pressing", especially since I change the volume a lot between songs

on my playlist, or if I am listening to music and receive a phone call during muh jayum.  Not only does

having the case covering the buttons make the case look seemless, but it also adds an extra layer of

protection to your device, and this case loves layers.



The case comes with a hard plastic shell as a first line of defense, then there is a the TPU layer , which

is reinforced by another "layer" of air cushion technology, which helps absorb shock.  I am an extremely

clumsy person, and even when I am not directly being the clums-er, I will indirectly do something that

makes the phone wind up on the ground, including going on a simple jog with my dog.  I don't do back

flips or cartwheels...I just jog...and, somehow, the phone thinks it belongs on the ground, and finds a

way to get there.  Maybe I just need new shorts.



Anyway, this case comes in several colors, and even comes in a "wallet" type configuration, so you can

put your license, credit cards, et. al. when you don't want to carry a wallet and a phone.  Would that be

considered a phollet or a wone?  Phollet sounds cooler.  The best part is that they won't break the bank.

You can find some averaging in the mid teens, going up to around $20 for the phollet one.  There are

other Spigen cases available for sale, so if you don't mind a little more bulk, you can check out their

other offerings on  They are offering a nice promo for 25% off when you

register on their site, although if you have an amazon gift card you're dying to use, you can also

find a lot of their products on there as well.