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Sprint Product Ambassadors: Why the S6 turned me into a Samsung Phan



I have never been a big Samsung Phone fan, or, as I call them, Samsung Phans.  Specs were always

good, but I was never a fond of touchwiz, the infamous plastic material use, or the button reversal in

relation to practically every other android device.  Seriously, that just bothered me.  I saw it as being

different for the sake of being different.  Then, the prices started going up for their flagships, and they

started pulling some Apple-esque maneuvers that just weren't to my liking.  Apple has some or the

best marketing on the planet, and have some nice looking devices, but the ecosystem is too closed

for my taste.  It is certainly great for users that aren't as adept to technology, an Samsung has tried

to emulate that with the experience they offer to their customers, while allowing the innate flexibility

that android has to offer.

My first Samsung phone was, ironically, the least Samsung-ee phone they ever had; the Galaxy Nexus.

I loved that phone.  The Screen was better than any I had ever used, and the phone was great for its

time.  Beyond that, every single Galaxy Device I played around with was less than spectacular to me.

They seemed to just care about raw power, and not about user experience on the hardware or software

level.  S3, not awful, but not great.  S4, more of the same.  S5, why is Sammy still not fixing touchwiz

and making a phone that doesn't feel like a cheap child's toy?!  S6, THEY LISTENED!


Touchwiz, streamlined and lighter?  Check.  Nicer materials?  Check.  Nicest redesign in recent

Smartphone history?  No question.

The first thing I noticed was how smooth everything was.  Almost Vanilla Android smooth.  They kept

a lot of the practical features of touchwiz, got rid of a lot of fluff, and what was left was a smooth UI

that any could easily customize and navigate.  I had my reservations about the Briefing feature, but

I actually grew to love it.  I love Google now, but to me it's nothing more than a supplement to something

like Briefing.  News that I miss from other sources like TheVerge, Engadget, and NPR, will show up

here in a nice, customizable stream.  Despite the fixes to the UI and the nice processor/RAM upgrades,

I was still convinced I would be going back to my Nexus 6 after I was done reviewing the S6, but I

didn't anticipate how incredible the Camera would be.  That was the nail in the coffin.  That was the

one thing that I never knew I needed an upgrade for.

I had the Moto X, and despite people complaining about the Camera, I never really had a problem with it.

Same with the Nexus 5.  I got the G3 and thought "wow, this is the fastest shooter/focuser I have ever

used on a smartphone".  Then I upgraded to the Nexus 6, and got the best quality photos I have ever

had...until this.  Like I said in a previous blog, the Nexus 6 has a great camera, but I never thought that

I could get the type of quality photos I am getting from the S6 on any smartphone.  Now I understand

why people would ignore the issues with touchwiz or even the less than desirable plastic for so many

years.  The camera!  They have always been an industry leader with mobile cameras and screen quality,

and the two on this device really make you forget about wanting any other phone.  The photos would look

good on a non-HD screen, but AMOLED screens help those colors really pop.


With performance, materials, screen and camera being better than most, it's no wonder the phone is selling

like hot cakes.  Really, the camera and screen alone would be enough to get anyone hooked.  I think this is

the best phone of 2015 thus far, probably the best phone for people transitioning from an iPhone (or another

android phone, for that matter).  The task button and back button actually grew on me being reversed.  It

actually makes sense for right handed people, since most of my on handed scrolling is done with my right


Anyway, this has basically been a long rant, but isn't that what most blogs are?  Ok, for the tl;dr portion:

Great phone.  So good, even someone that has a history of disliking Samsung phones will like it.  Screen

is awesome, performance is better than ever, and the camera is just phenomenal.  Beyond the obvious

stuff, there is a ton of free stuff (free onedrive space, free apps, etc) to seal the deal.  If you're still on the

fence, go to a Sprint store and compare the devices in person.  You really can't go wrong with any flagship

right now, but one certainly stands out amongst the noise.

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Disclaimer: The Product Ambassadors are Sprint employees from many different parts of the company that love

technology. They volunteer to test out all sorts of Sprint devices and offer opinions freely to the Community. Each

Product Ambassador shares their own opinions of these devices, therefore the information in this post does not

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