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Battery Not Lasting Throughout The Day


Battery Not Lasting Throughout The Day

So I've been testing this in many forms throughout the last few weeks and my battery, without any use, fails throughout the day. I started yesterday by turning the phone off, charging it to full. Turning the phone on and just leaving it and the battery on it's own after 5 hours drained to 55%.

With low --> mod use, the battery last a few hours, even as simple as playing music from the phone.

Is this a common issue or did I get screwed out of a faulty phone?

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BERKO, We don't have an official investigation open or a 'known issue' for battery life on the S6 but that doesn't mean I don't believe you're experiencing the issue.  Did a bit of snooping around and have a quick suggestion:  first, back up everything you've got loaded to cloud storage and then do a factory reset.

If the issue is a software one, a fresh load may resolve it.  Use it a couple days, still having the problem, I would probably start looking at apps, make sure you shut down anything pre-installed that you're not using.

Still having the problem?  Probably time for a visit to a Sprint Service and Repair location.  If you're under 14 days, you should be able to simply swap out the phone.  If you're over 14 days but have TEP, the visit should be free.  If you don't have TEP or you just prefer dealing with the manufacturer, you can also talk to Samsung (who I have dealt with before with my personal electronics).  They're usually very helpful and because the S6 is still under warranty, they'll typically repair it for free, though you do have to send them your device.

Keep us posted!

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I have called and complain about a dozen times to sprint even got two s6 on my account even exchange before my 14 days were up and still same issues with battery and signal issues (tons of dropped calls) I feel your pain berko we're stuck with a beautiful phone, excellent camera, best and android version yet but horrible battery and bad reception. As for the reception problem I can't blame sprint because before this phone I used to get excellent service with note 3


Yea, this seems to be a bum issue. After some digging, my battery drain is most likely caused by more poor signal reception, which has been getting worse in every passing day.

I do not receive text messages and at times, my sent messages take a day or 2 to be delivered. Not good especially because I use my phone for business. It's the signal strength that's preventing this phone from being perfect yet it can't do the original functions of a phone, like making a damn call!

I know there's many people out there on message boards that are posting about the horrible situation so I hope Sprint & Samsung get this fixed ASAP.

If I was still within my 14-days policy, I would have possibly got a different phone. Not happy at all!!

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