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How I got Sprint to unlock my S6


How I got Sprint to unlock my S6

I wanted to share my story in case it can help someone else trying to get their S6 unlocked.  I will outline what happened in my situation.


-About 5 days before I decided to switch carriers, I called Sprint to get my phone unlocked.  I had met all the requirements and Sprint did not argue that fact.  I was told that my phone would be unlocked within 3-48 hours.

-I signed up with the other carrier and they mailed me a new SIM card.  Once I got the new SIM card, I activated my new service.  But, my phone kept saying "invalid SIM card"  (This is where I messed up, don't activate your new service until you try out a SIM card from a friend or at the store.)

-Now, since I activated my new service.  Sprint ended their service and I was stuck without a working phone.

-I called Sprint that same day and I was told that in fact my phone had not been unlocked.  They said that they would start the process again and it would be 6-48 hours.  The rep guaranteed that this would unlock my phone.

-I waited about 40 hours, (getting restless without a working phone at this point) and my new SIM still is "invalid".  I call Sprint again.  I am told that there was some kind of glitch in my unlock and they were taking care of it.  I was told that it would be at least another 24 hours.

-I called Sprint the next day and I was told that per the system, my phone was unlocked.  I tried my new SIM, still didn't work.  The rep gave me an "unlock code" that he said would be needed by my new carrier to enter into their system, not my phone.

-I called my new carrier, they had never heard of putting an "unlock code" in their system.

-I waited until the next day and still had the "Invalid SIM card" message.  I called Sprint for the 5th time and calmly explained my entire story.  The rep said she needed to put me on hold to check into things.  I was put on hold and disconnected

-I called Sprint a 6th time and calmly explained my story.  The rep said she understood my saga and said that she needed to work with the "back office".   She came back on the line and said that she would connect me with the technical support team and they could definitely help.  (I am pretty skeptical at this point).

-I get connected to technical support, go through the whole story again.  They take my number in case we get disconnected.  We get disconnected!  But, within 1 minute, I am called back by the tech rep and they apologize.  The rep puts me on hold awhile comes back and says she can get my phone unlocked.  She gives me a code to type in and BOOM!, instantly my phone starts dinging with all kinds of calls and texts that I missed over the past 3 days.  (This code is not the same "unlock code" that I was given earlier.)


In the middle of all this mess, I got an email from Sprint saying that if I switched back to them within 14 days that I would get a $150 service credit.  It appears that there is a little bit of a game being played by Sprint, but you can draw your own conclusions.  


Re: How I got Sprint to unlock my S6

This is exactly my "saga" thus far, except for the last part where they give you a code to type in. Can a Sprint rep skip the BS and please give me this!?


Re: How I got Sprint to unlock my S6

It is a simple procedure is what I believe. Sprint complicates things. I have got confirmation emails regarding unlocking of my devices but the other rep says they had some problems with their unlocking system.

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