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Phantom Voicemail - 5.1.1


Phantom Voicemail - 5.1.1

I updated to 5.1.1 and BAM the Phantom VM notification from GS4 is back on my GS6.  I did EVERYTHING. I have NO messages.  lClear cache, renewed profile, factory reset...everything. Spoke with 4 different tech people. One person told me to call samsung (like that is going to happen). I can't be the only person with this problem.  I googled the heck out of it online and the only provider who seems to have the problem is Sprint.  Please help.

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Re: Phantom Voicemail - 5.1.1

Here are a few places where you can control SVVM notifications and I have them all turned off and it came back on Friday night but cleared itself Saturday on its own.

This procedure list is for Sprint's Visual Voice Mail service:

Settings > Applications  Purge Data and Cache

Settings > Sounds and Notifications  Stop all elements there as applicable

In the App Itself turn off Notifications there and also turn off the Free Trial

From the Notification itself (long press and turn every applicable thing off there as well

Purge the cache partition

Keep in mind that I use Google Voice services. 

Also your mileage may vary depending on your apps and such.

Hope this helps,


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