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Possible software bug in the recent update?


Possible software bug in the recent update?

After the ...***BOL1 update,

my phone is having two issues.

1. Frequent upper left menu button freezing

- I never had this problem before, until the recent update. I have to shut down all the applications from the recent apps screen when the upper left corner touch button (mostly menu keys) don't work.

2. Battery drain.

- This is ridiculous. My phone used to hold in my regular usage pattern 20 hours no problem and now i'm having trouble making it 12 hours. When my battery level goes below 30% it drains does up to 5% drain perhour even just in stand by. Same with WiFi on/off, location on/off, sync on/off. I just tested it last night on safe mode, and yes. It drained 5% each hour overnight.

Maybe it's not the software update itself, but apps update from google or samsung that is causing the issue, but as far as I'm concerned, these issues arose recently, with no other factors involved I can suspect else.

Please advise.


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