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S6 slow lagging data issues?


S6 slow lagging data issues?

I bought 5 phones with sprint a couple days ago and my phone was a S6. I seem to have lagging data issues. Web pages load slow when on the sprint network and videos come out choppy and laggy. First I thought it was a sprint signal issue but when testing the other 4 phones with the same type of data those phones worked well but my phone was slower and videos lag. I updated to the latest software and still having these data issues. Should I take my S6 back and get a different phone? This is especially true with a app called twitch which I like to use on a regular basis. Oh but when the phone is on wifi it works beautifully.

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Re: S6 slow lagging data issues?

HI luckyninja864

I also have the Galaxy S6.  I have not personally experienced the laggy data you are referring to on my device, although I have had a similar problem in the past with one of my LTE capable phones.  In my situation, my connection seemed laggy because I had too many applications open in the background.  On the S6, you can tap the Recent button (to the left of the home button - it looks like 2 boxes overlapping), and choose close all.  Also, try force restarting your phone (press power and volume down together until your screen turns off).  My experiences with LTE and streaming on the S6 have been superb, so I would not recommend returning your S6 to get a different phone.  I stream game replays with Twitch also, and I have not had problems on wifi or on LTE.

Hope this helps!



Re: S6 slow lagging data issues?

I can't ever seem to watch on source setting on the sprint network with twitch. I tested like 4 other s6 devices and they all had the same problem but all other devices from the e8 to flex 2 all worked well. Are they aware of this issue? Is there a fix coming soon? I can't use this phone unless I know it will be fixed. Just for reference I tested the s6 on other networks like t-mobile and att and they worked fine.

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