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Samsung Galaxy S6


Samsung Galaxy S6

About a month or so ago I got a Galaxy S6 that was a nightmare. It dropped every call I made, sent every call someone made to me to voice mail. It used up its battery in 4 hours or less, had no signal.

Here a month later just about has the phone improved any? Sure, I'm seeing an update was released but did it help with the dropped calls or the battery drain. Is the phone able to be used as a phone or is it still buggy as can be. The G4 is about to make the scene and I have decisions to make. Should I try another S6 (I returned the one I had within the return period) or should I go with the G4 hoping for a better outcome.

Should I even bother staying with sprint or is it time to give AT&T or Verizon a try? I have been with Sprint for 8.7 years, they seem to be getting worse, not better. Your input will be greatly appreciated.



Re: Samsung Galaxy S6

Sorry to hear about your experience and quite honestly I'm not surprised that Sprint hasn't responded to this post. You know Sprint reps look through these posts, so a simple response would be nice. That's not what they're about these days though. Their customer service unfortunately sucks. They've made it all about profit and not about making the customer happy.

I've been with them since 2004 and I'm ready to jump ship. With poor customer service and recent issues with replacement phones I'm ready to just be done. And then to see no response to your post from a Sprint rep just confirms everything.

Anyway I'm sorry for ranting. I'm just sick of being treated like a nuisance (and seeing others be treated the same) by a company that doesn't deserve my business. I'm sure another carrier wouldn't pull this crap.

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