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Smart Lock feature

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Smart Lock feature

I am having trouble with the Smart Lock feature.  I use both the Trusted Places and Trusted bluetooth devices feature.  My Moto 360 is a trusted device and is connected just fine.  And I also then added my home and work as trusted places.  For security I enabled the fingerprint scanner (which works great).  To avoid having to scan each time I turn on the phone I enabled Smart Lock.  But it hardly ever works.  When I turn on the phone it looks like I expect, just the circle to swipe and unlock (because I am connected to a trusted device or at a trusted place).  But when I swipe to unlock it thinks for a second and then the screen to scan my finger comes up.  Every once in a while it will unlock without requiring my fingerprint scan.....maybe 1 in 12 attempts.  Please fwd the bug report!

Sprint Product Ambassador

Re: Smart Lock feature

Hi. I'm a Sprint employee and Product Ambassador.

I don't think we need to file a bug report for Smart Lock. First, we haven't seen any other posts about Smart Lock not working properly. Smart Lock is a feature of Google's Android, not Samsung or TouchWiz UI overlay. That said, there may be some reasons why Trust places may not be homing in on your home. Double check your device to ensure Location settings are set to "On" and then set to "GPS, Wi-Fi, and mobile networks."

Settings > Privacy and safety > Location (On) > Location method (GPS, Wi-Fi, and mobile networks)

Understand Trust Place may or may not work correctly if your device can't determine a reasonable accuracy of location.

Next, when you hit the power or home button, make sure you're not pressing on the padlock icon near the bottom center of the screen. Doing so manually overrides Smart Lock and manually locks your phone.

Hope this helps. Let me know if you continue to have issues. Thanks!


Sprint Product Ambassador and Sprint employee --

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Re: Smart Lock feature

I dont think its really up to one individual to decide whether or not something is worth looking into. That is pretty bad customer support. Would it not have been better to just say thank you and note it as a possible issue?

I have been having the same issue. I have my home and work as trusted locations. I have been having the same problems with the phone asking for me to swipe, just to have it power off again, and then require my finger print to unlock. Yes, I have two different prints stored as the normal unlock. It is extremely annoying to have to use the swipe and then finger print. To add insult, I will be miles away from my trusted locations and it will still show swipe as an option and still require a finger print. This is a problem that needs to be fixed. I dont care where the issue lies, Sprint. You have taken it upon yourself to disable other features of this phone, have made it clear that it is not truly my phone, so man up and take care of this regardless of whether its a phone issue or software issue.


Re: Smart Lock feature


Well you were right.  I have been used to the standard lock screen on my Nexus 5.  You swipe the Padlock to unlock and Samsung is completely different.  I was trying to swipe the padlock......and it was locking it.  I finally figured out that you just swipe anywhere on the lock screen to unlock it.

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