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bad reception / dropped calls


bad reception / dropped calls

Iswitched to sprint from Verizon. I did this so I could have the S6 and unlimited data. I have 1-0 bars in Philadelphia, and I lost a phone call with my mom in my apartment. WIFi calling did not work due to my gps signal getting lost. What would happen if it is an emergency? Zicode 19104 and I live at 44th and Pine. What to do?

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Please follow this thread for updates No reception - Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge


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Sprint has released a patch today for the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 edge to help those customers experiencing a high amount of dropped calls. Please read this post to learn more:

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I've had the same experience with the S6. The antenna is defective. I have called customer service and brought the phone in for service to the store. They insist the phone works properly. The phone drops calls and send incoming calls directly to voice mail. Sprint has been terrible with customer service. I will definitely dropping them as a provider.

They will not fix the phone without insurance. It is a scam!

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