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Blue "floaters" in front facing camera?


Blue "floaters" in front facing camera?

I turned my camera to "selfie" mode today and was surprised to see a few bright blue lines and spots in the view (almost like someone doodled on the pic)... a quick Google search says that it might be the camera software or hardware, or even the sensor. Unfortunately, it seems like it's limited to the S6, and I have yet to see any Edge users complain about the same problem. Is anyone else experiencing the same issue or can provide more details?

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Re: Blue "floaters" in front facing camera?

I'm an Edge user and I can't say I'm running into this but I probably read some of the same articles you referenced and opinions appear to point toward the hardware.  If you are able run the device by one of our service and repair locations so they can check it out and exchange if appropriate, including the link to our Sprint Store Locator tool so you can find the one closest to you.(make sure you select "Repair centers near me")

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