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Device upgrade activation fee


Device upgrade activation fee

I recently upgraded to S6 Edge.  I just received my first bill and I noticed a $36 upgrade fee that I was not informed about.  If I would have known of this fee it would have played a role in my decision to upgrade.  Has anyone been charged this also, and if so have you spoken with sprint to rectify it and what was their response.  I think its bad business that they do not inform customers of this fee. 


Hi UOFDT - I am not a Social Care agent rather the Sprint Community Manager and happened across your comment.  I can tell you the upgrade fee for existing customers upgrading to a new device AND a new activation fee for new customers is standard.  If you purchased your new device in a retail store or through Telesales, you should have been informed of this fee.  For that, I apologize on our behalf.  Thank you for your service with Sprint.  I also have the S6 edge and love it.  I think you will too. 

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