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Disable or uninstall pre-installed apps on Galaxy S6 Edge - Sprint Product Ambassador

Sprint Product Ambassador


Samsung has provided the ability to disable some apps that cannot be uninstalled and uninstall other apps very quickly. I tried this on my Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge and would like to share with those not familiar with this option how to remove or disable apps they do not use.

Note: If you remove a pre-installed app, you may not be able to reinstall it without resetting your phone. Make sure that you realy will not need that app if the uninstall option is used.


The steps to disable or uninstall an app are very easy and quick. For me this was actually easier and faster than uninstalling through Google Play Store or App manager for apps I no longer use or need.

  1. Tap on Apps all apps iconicon
  2. Tap Edit in the top right.
    • Any Apps that can be disabled will have a circle with a dash in it.
  3. Select the App you want to Disable or Uninstall
  4. Press OK or Uninstall
    • If an App is being Disabled, information is provided how to re-enable it if needed
    • If an App is Uninstalled, the App is removed instantly

I have removed and/or disable several apps using this method on my Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. This also helps free up space on my phone for apps I do not use or no longer need.

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