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GS6 Edge Shines Brightly in the Sun - Sprint Product Ambassadors

Sprint Product Ambassador

The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge has the most gorgeous phone display I have seen, as it has a Quad HD Super Amoled, 2560x1440 577 PPI, Dual Edge display. One of my pet peeves and first world problems… unable to view device screens while in the sun. This can be a troublesome issue for those that spend a lot of time outside with other devices. Fortunately, with the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, this is not an issue.

I am one of those people that will keep the “auto brightness” feature turned off and always have my screen on maximum brightness. In doing so, I figured that this would also cause the screen to shine as brightly as it can in sunshine. Lesson learned… never assume anything! I found myself disappointed with the results while keeping my GS6 Edge screen on maximum brightness while in the sunlight because it was still a challenge to view. So, I decided to talk about this with some other Sprint Product Ambassadors that have the GS6 and GS6 Edge. They informed me that I must have “auto brightness” turned on to take advantage of using the GS6 Edge while in the sunshine.

Immediately, I went outside and tried this. Sure enough, when the GS6 Edge has auto brightness turned on, it shines much brighter in the sun than it does when auto brightness is off and the brightness slider is set to maximum. In fact, it will display 60% brighter in the sun with auto brightness on, as opposed to auto brightness off with maximum brightness (according to findings by

Let me just say, I am floored by how well this display works in the sun. If you’re looking for a device that you can actually see the screen while outside, look no further. The GS6 Edge is for you. Just make certain to keep the auto brightness feature turned on!


The Galaxy S6 Edge is available for purchase at Sprint.

Disclaimer: The Product Ambassadors are Sprint employees from many different parts of the company that love technology. They volunteer to test out all sorts of Sprint devices and offer opinions freely to the Community. Each Product Ambassador shares their own opinions of these devices, therefore the information in this post does not necessarily reflect the opinions of Sprint. The PAs do not represent the company in an official way, and should not be expected to respond to Community members in an official capacity. #sprintemployee