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Green Edge - can we get a real answer?


Green Edge - can we get a real answer?

If you do a search on the web about the green S6 Edge you will come across a LOT of comments and discussion showing that the phone is in high demand. Samsung released an announcement on 5/19 saying it is "now available for purchase" but "launch date and models may vary by region and channels".

Do your customers a favor and give more detailed answers than "check our newsroom", that does nothing to answer the question at all.

Maybe an approximate date range it would be available, an update saying Sprint has ordered them from Samsung and expect delivery on a certain date, confirmation Sprint will be getting the green version, and if so how about confirmation it will be available in all the sizes or just the 32... it doesn't have to be a mystery.

All just suggestions, and I'm sure this post will be removed since I am pointing out what many others are also thinking.... Either way I don't see how it can be so hard to give us even a little bit of information.

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Re: Green Edge - can we get a real answer?


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