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My Samsung Galaxu S6 Edge was protected by Spigen! - Sprint Product Ambassador

Sprint Product Ambassador


Do you know that feeling when your phone has just fallen and is laying down on the pavement face down? I do from getting out of my truck yesterday. I had forgotten I had my phone in my lap and when I got out my Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge went went down hard on the pavement. My first thought was that my screen was going to be busted because of the way it hit and how high my truck is..... My screen and phone were saved by my Spigen Touch Armor case and Curved Crystal screen protector!


This was not how I wanted to start my day watching my phone fly out and land face down. I have seen drop test where the screen has cracked with shorter distance drops than from my truck. I have not seen one with a screen protector or case on a Galaxy S6 Edge.

I have really enjoyed my phone lately because it takes the best pictures I have seen yet on a smartphone. When my S6 Edge fell, I thought for sure I would have to see about getting my screen replaced. After my brief pause in picking it up, I was relieved when I saw my screen was okay and not a single crack. My Spigen Curved Crystal took the blunt of the impact and protected my screen very well. I have never cared much for screen protectors until now after seeing the impact my Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge took.
Here are some before and after pictures. The first picture was taken when I applied my Spigen Curved Crystal to my Galaxy S6 Edge and the second picture was after it had fallen out of my truck. You can in the second picture that the impact was on the curved glass of my S6 Edge. I peeled back the protector and not even a scratch!


spigen-slim-armor-galaxy-s6edge.jpgThe Spigen Tough Armor protected my Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge from another impact that I was not even aware of until I took it off to check out a Spigen Neo Hybrid case. The Neo Hybrid case was nice, although after seeing the impact my took, I decided to stay with it. Another bonus of my Tough Armor case is that it has a kickstand so I can prop my Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge up to watch a movie.

The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge 5.1" Quad HD Super AMOLED® display is one of the best displays I have seen yet. I have watched a few movies on it and cannot believe have crisp and clear it is just like a Samsung TV!

Here is a short video I posted on YouTube where I tried the Spigen Neo Hybrid case on my Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge.

After the success I have had with Spigen cases and screen protector on my Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, I am going to continue to use them going forward.

If you are interested in a Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, you can order one from or visit a Sprint store to check it out in person. I love my Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge and look forward in taking more pictures with my phone protected by Spigen!



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