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Problem connecting to Airave


Problem connecting to Airave

Because of weak signals at my home, I have an Airave.  I am able to have my new S6 Edge and two other S6's connect to the Airave if the mobile network is set to CDMA only.  However, it does not connect at all when set to "Automatic" or "LTE/CDMA."  Therefore, I have to manually set the mobile network each time I come home or leave home.  This is a real pain.

My previous phones (all S4's) had no problems connecting at "Automatic" or "LTE/CDMA," so I am guessing it is a problem with the S6s.

Anyone else have this problem and, if so, any solutions?

I have the latest software update on my phones.


Re: Problem connecting to Airave

I am having the same problem with s6. Went to the store and i was told that it was a lnown issue and nothing could be done...i was told that i should not have bought the phone. This has been going on for more than a month and it appears that sprint doesn't really care about it. I was told to use iphone instead.


Re: Problem connecting to Airave

rhdcheme - Thanks for reaching out with this issue. I definitely understand your frustration. Have you tried using Wi-Fi calling as an alternate option? There is a known issue with Tri-Band devices and Airave functionality.

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