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S6 Edge Android 6.0 Update & Issues with the camera


S6 Edge Android 6.0 Update & Issues with the camera

I just heard that the US unlocked version of the S6/S6 edge received the Marshmallow Update from Samsung and I was wondering what is the ETA for it for the sprint version?

I have also started to encounter issues with the camera, every time I open the app the camera makes a weird motor noise and the phone vibrates, I went online and found out it appears to be due to a faulty OIS motor and my question is that if I make a warranty claim will Samsung give me a refurbished phone or will they replace my camera sensor?

Thank you.


Re: S6 Edge Android 6.0 Update & Issues with the camera

you would need to contact Samsung on the camera deal. as for the update once its ready to be pushed it'll be announced in here that day. the way they work is the manufacturer gets the update from Google and does their testing and tweeking for each device that'll be getting it..once their testing is done its kicked to the carrier to do additional testing to make sure its not going to bork up the phone..once they give the ok its kicked back to the manufacturer to be released. until then its basically up in the air as to when it'll be released.

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