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Sprint Product Ambassadors: The Galaxy S6 Edge Camara

Sprint Product Ambassador

Just about every smart phone user has that one thing that will make or break their experience and overall lasting impression of a device. For me that one thing is the camera.

I loved the HTC One M8 for the front facing speakers but the camera was a dud. I also had a pretty good experience with the LG G Flex2 and although it took great pictures, I was disappointed that it lacked wide range of camera features.

Samsung seems to always excel in making great cameras and I am happy to report that the Galaxy S6 Edge does not disappoint. Here is a few specs and features to get us going:

  • 5MP front facing camera
  • 16MP rear camera
  • Optical Image Stabilization (OIS)
  • f/9 aperture to allow more light
  • Quick launch with a double tap of button
  • Modes including selective focus, slow motion, fast motion and virtual shot

There is a Pro Mode option for the true camera nut that wants even more control over settings to override auto and set ISO, white balance other features manually. You can even save your customized settings as presets for later use.

I have especially found it handy to be able to double tap the home button and quick launch the camera. That is a really good feature.

But wait there is more!

Not enough modes for you? Just tap on the download icon and you will be taken right to the Samsung App store where you can add you favorite extra features. You will have to go here if you want additional modes including sports shot, dual camera, beauty face and others. Here are some screen shots of the camera menu. Notice the download option in the bottom corner. Once this option has been selected, you will next get a wide array of modes to add to your camera as options.

camera menue.jpg

I am not sure why these were not pre-loaded as many of these had been standard for Samsung in the past. Many users will not notice this option so don’t forget to check the store if you really want every available mode for while you are shooting. 

Post picture taking there are a wide array of editing tools so that the use of third part app is really not needed to crop, make a collage or adjust colors.

Okay so enough about the bells and whistles as that means nothing if the camera does not take great pictures in a variety of circumstances. Keep in mind the pictures I am posting here are not at full quality due to the MB limit of the blog post.

Camera Pics.jpg

My only ding I can come up with is the lack of an SD card option. I have gone so camera and video happy that in my short time with this device there is already 9.5GB of memory being used for media. Thank goodness for the cloud.

Sunset PIC.jpg

The camera takes great pictures and makes the Galaxy S6 Edge a really winner for me. I highly recommend.